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From free-range eggs to Fairtrade chocolate, British flour and real butter, I use ingredients that I find ethical and tasty. I also make a range of fully organic cakes and cupcakes, on request. Please also see 'Allergies and dietary preference'  for more information on what goes in, and what can be left out!


As standard, I offer the following flavours:
Chocolate chip
Mint Choc Chip
Red Velvet
Carrot Cake
Chocolate Orange
I offer several other flavours as standard for weddings, so please have a look at the weddings section if you want to know 
Cupcakes are available in all the flavours above, and also in a yummy, delicately scented lavender flavour - gorgeous coupled with a white chocolate topping!
As standard, I make my sponges in three layers, so you get two scrummy layers of filling as well, and can choose between buttercream, ganache and jam (or combine them for added decadence!) Some of my most popular orders are vanilla sponges with vanilla buttercream and white chocolate ganache, and chocolate sponges with chocolate buttercream and mint dark chocolate ganache. I am happy offer all kinds of tempting combinations to get your tastebuds thinking!
I also make a moist and yummy fruit cake for full sized cakes. My fruit cake is available in a non-alcoholic version for children's parties or dietary preference - my mum had us eating this recipe for years!
A glorious cake is more than just icing deep, and if you have any other flavours that make your mouth water, just let me know, and I'll have a ruffle through my recipe book to see what I can come up with.