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None of my sponge or madeira recipes contain nuts. However, I use almonds, cashews and pistachios in various versions of my fruit and carrot cakes, so these are stocked in my kitchen, and I therefore cannot guarantee that any cakes will be completely nut free. If I am made aware of a nut allergy, I do nut take orders for nut cakes in the same week.
Eggs, gluten, dairy
My standard sponge, madeira and fruit cakes contain these ingredients.  However, I can make sponge cakes that are free from any or all of these. To clarify, the following are available as sponge cakes, in all my standard flavours:
Dairy free
Gluten free
As standard, all my cakes are alcohol free. Fruit cakes, especially at Christmas time, can be merrily brandied up! But, I also make a yummy and moist alcohol free fruit cake, based on my mum's delicious recipe, which I have been happily eating since childhood.
If you have any other ingredients that you would prefer to be absent from your scrummy creation, please just ask and I'll see what I can do!
All my cakes and decorations are vegetarian as standard.